LinkedIn Holiday Party BallPit


LinkedIn Holiday Party BallPit

Acme rented a 50,000 ball – ball-pit for Hartmann Studios for the 2018 LinkedIn Holiday Party! The ball-pit held 25 adult people at a time and was super successful addition to the holiday party. To add to the fun, pool inflatable’s where added to the ball-pit. The ball-pit was lit with black-lights which fluoresced white balls and added another aesthetic dimension to the ball-pit.

Check Out The Project!

LinkedIn Holiday Ballpit
Linked In Holiday Party Ball Pit

Key Features

  • 50,000 Balls
  • 20’x20’x30″D
  • Black Lit
  • Pool Inflatables

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Pink and White Ball-Pit
Ball Pit Rules
Magenta and White Rented Ball-pit
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