4 Reasons why Container Based Activations are the Future of Event Marketing

4 Reasons why Container Based Activations are the Future of Event Marketing

Whether you want to call it Shipping Container Marketing, Container Marketing, or Container Based Activations, there is one thing that stands true. This new type of activation is the future of event marketing. For the uninitiated, Container Marketing uses the age old technology of intermodal shipping containers to create modular and unique custom activations for marketing events. They are used from experiential activations to trade shows.


So you may be wondering… if shipping containers have been around forever, how could they possibly be the future of event marketing. Well for one, Container marketing would never have been successful before the age of the internet. As you may know already, experiential and event marketing started to take off right around the time the world became smaller through the advent of the internet. This is because ROI is generated from experiential marketing is based on impressions and virality of their online presence. Before such tools existed to know experiential activations reach, their ROI could not be proven, therefore they were not done. However, today’s world is a much different one than 10 years ago. Now, companies can easily see the return on their investment for experiential activations which means that Container Marketing has finally become viable.


But hold on, you might be thinking “Well… Container Marketing sounds great and all but in the end there is only so much you can do with containers”. While that might seem like a pretty valid point at first, I mean we are just dealing with a 40 x 10ft box of steel, after all, these containers can actually completely reoutfitted to the point where the corrugation which Steel Containers are known for, go away. This brings us to the first out of the five reasons why Container Based Activations are the future of Event and Experiential marketing.


Samsung Container Front View


1. Customizability

Standardness stops at the box. A good fabrication partner can make your CBA feel like a completely unique and custom brand activation, to the point where you forget you are in steel shipping containers. Don’t believe me? Check out what we did with our Brass Knuckles Speak Easy CBAWe made a complete building featuring a retail store, dance floor, and executive lounge area. On top of this, the entire building was themed to look like a 1920’s Speak Easy. Patrons who visited this activation where completely blown away by the level of detail and thought that went into this activation. Not only can they be stacked and turned into a building but they can also be turned into mobile retail stores, pop-up shops and brand activations!  When you have a base structure you can literally change anything.

Here is a short list of what CBA’s can be used for.

  • A Pop-Up Retail Store
  • Custom TradeShow Exhibit
  • Pop-Up Foodery
  • Pop-Up Brand Experience
  • Mobile Branding
  • Custom Marketing Experience
  • Anything!


Brass Knuckles High Life Music Festival Side View


2. Portability – You’ve seen them before

Whether you’ve been driving down the highway or seen a cargo ship out on the high seas, you know one thing about these containers already… They’re built to move! Shipping containers are built from high strength rust resistant steel called Cordan Steel. In addition, they come preinstalled with mounting ports for trucks so shipping them and installing them at your activation is a breeze. What is done with 3 trucks and 3 days of installation for standard custom build-outs can be done with 1 truck and 1 day of installation when using container activations. This unparalleled speed from Construction to Production can only be achieved through the use of containers and brings us to our next benefit… Cost.


3. Cost

As you may have already guessed from the previous paragraph, Containers not only surpass in durability but they excel in the cost space as well. Since the cost of installation and shipping is reduced, the overall cost of your build is reduced, which means you can do more with the same budget. There is no comparison when it comes to looking at the cost of container activations versus standard custom buildouts. The price is marginally lower and at the same time your build can be repeatedly used over and over with little hassle.


Executive VIP Area Lighting Brass Knuckles


4. Experience

After all, is said and done, if the experience is subpar, it won’t matter how much you save, how durable the structure is, or how portable it can be, you will still lose money. Luckily, Custom Container Activations can leave your audience in pure amazement. They can take someone from a trade show to an underground Speak Easy Bar or from a music festival to a immersive brand experience. All it takes is the right partner for this solution to work.


If you are looking for a company that can create these sorts of activations and more, look no further, Acme is your Container King! We have done container activations for huge brands such as Beats Audio, Samsung, and Brass Knuckles. Don’t let your next custom brand creation be a custom catastrophy. With our 75,000 square feet of machine shop floor and 5 million dollars worth of machinery, we are more than well equipped to create the best Container Based Activations available.


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