Build Services

17 Years of New Tools

Acme has invested over five million dollars alone on enhancing the technological capabilities of our warehouse with new and state of the art machinery. Not only do we stay true to our motto of being able to build anything, we can build everything with pinpoint precision and ultra high complexity.



Millwork refers to any woodmill-produced building construction exterior-finish, interior-finish, or any type of decorative components. Millwork also refers to items built using alternatives to wood.





Cabinetry refers to the craft of building furniture. We build high quality, durable, and beautiful looking furniture.



Full Architectural Sheet Metal Fabrication


Full Architectural Sheet Metal Fabrication refers to the building of metal structures by cutting metal, bending metal, and assembling the structure using sheet metal.



Sheet Metal Sheering

Sheet Metal Sheering refers to the use of straight cutting sheet metal or plates by cutting stock without burning or melting and without the formation of chips.



Sheet Metal Braking

Sheet Metal Braking refers to the process of sheet metal being bent by a metalworking machine.



Sheet Metal Rolling

Sheet Metal Rolling is a process that reduces the thickness of metal and makes the thickness even throughout.



Plasma/Laser Cutting

Plasma Cutting refers to the process of using a gas transmitter to cut through metals that cannot be flame cut. Laser Cutting refers to the process of cutting metal using lasers.



Shearing/Wire Bending

Need an antenna for your space ship or alien space suit? Or how about a giant mechanical bull? Our Shearing/Wire Bending service, allows us to make objects that are just not possible with standard CNC milling.



3-Axis CNC Milling

Milling is a service offered by ACME that uses rotary cutters to remove material from a workpiece. CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control which is the automation of machine tools by programming commands onto a computer which transmits the instructions to a drill head that can cut, steel, wood, and other materials.



6-Axis Hot Wire Sculpting

6-Axis Hot Wire Sculpting is a process using an electrolyzed wire which has the ability to cleanly cut through high-density foam.



5-Axis Water Jetting

Water Jetting is the process of cutting numerous different materials using high-pressure jets of water on the material being cut.



7 Axis Robotic Sculpting

7-Axis Robotic Sculpting is a process that uses CNC and has the ability to sculpt 3D objects out of High-Density Foam.



Plastic Fabrication

Plastic Fabrication is the process of designing, manufacturing, and assembling plastic products. There are a variety of methods used, whether it be vacuum forming materials or plastic wrapping them for the perfect plastic appearance.



Scenic Painting

Scenic Painting is one of many services that ACME offers and takes pride in the amazing scenic paintings that they have completed. Scenic Painting is used for backdrops for film sets or themepark attractions.



On-Site Installation

ACME can build anything and many times this includes mobile projects, which means they can be built and taken apart easily. ACME will come and install your project for you.



Premium Fulfillment

ACME offers Premium Fulfillment as one of many building services that we offer. We take pride in providing the best possible services and fulfilling our clients wants and needs.



3D Scanning and Milling

3D Scanning & Milling is one of many unique services that ACME provides. 3D Scanning allows us to scan figures from real life and artistically recreate them to fit a client’s vision.



Custom Furniture & Lighting

ACME can build any custom furniture or lighting project. We have built tons of unique and customized furniture & lighting set designs for companies ranging from Redbull to Nickolodean.



Prop Manufacturing & Sculpting

Prop Manufacturing & Sculpting are among the many build services that ACME provides. ACME manufacturers and sculpts a wide array of projects for our clients. WE BUILD ANYTHING!



Fiberglass & Urethane Molding

Fiberglass Molding is the process where a mold is made and then the fiberglass object is made inside the mold. Urethane Molding is typically made in silicon molds in order to build 3D objects.




Hard-Coating is a process used to coat metals in order to protect them from corrosion over time. This is great for outdoor builds that require durable and long lasting materials such as theme-park props, and recreational spaces.



Automotive Finishing

ACME does everything; this includes Automotive Finishing. This is a very detailed and tedious service, but ACME provides amazing results.




Powder Coating is a dry, free-flowing powder coat that is usually applied electrostatically and then cured under heat to give its form as a “skin” to the object being powder-coated.




Plating is a service offered by ACME. It is typically a thin coating that is added to the external layer of a metal object.




We offer a very detailed and organized operation on whatever projects our clients desire.



Project Management

Our project management team handles every operation with precision and detailed care, which enables us to provide excellent results.



Guest Services

Our Guest Services department will handle any questions and concerns you may have regarding a particular project.



Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is the process of heating a sheet of plastic to a forming temperature, where then the sheet of plastic can be formed to whatever shape is desired.