Container Based Homes

The homeless population has seen a dramatic rise in the state of California. Los Angeles has seen a 16% rise in the homeless population from 2018. This number stands at more than 36,000 homeless people across the city.


Building container-based homes have become a comfortable and attractive way to house the homeless in most California cities. This innovative solution has many advantages over traditional construction.


Get a Quick Housing Solution


As a result of the drastic rise in the homeless population, there is a sense of impatience with the traditional process. People want housing solutions fast. The shipping container home designers at Acme furnish the containers fully before they ship them to construction sites. This cuts down the time spent in creating these supportive housing options. Ideally, traditional construction projects that take a year to complete will only last four months if you use container home building solutions for the same units.


Modular homeless shelters are also very comfortable. They’re well-designed with private kitchenettes, large windows, bathrooms and nine-foot ceilings. Their layout is also designed to offer big space for occupants. Unlike most homeless shelters, container-based shelters provide full privacy and soundproofing.


Save With Container-Based Home Solutions


Most cities also prefer using shipping containers for the homeless because they reduce the cost of acquiring space to set up apartments. For instance, container-based apartments can be erected on parking lots while maintaining the parking space beneath them. Such a set up can allow for stacking containers up to eight stories high, with a single parking space housing many people.


With the extensive construction of shelters for the homeless going on, acquiring construction labor becomes a challenge in most cities. Container home builders provide a viable option, since these structures are not labor-intensive. At Acme, we do site preparation and build the apartments in a short time. Our container homes are compact and stackable which makes it easier and cheaper to provide on-site services and amenities.


We Can Help You Design Container-Based Homes for the Homeless


Housing the homeless is a movement we are proud to support. At Acme, we make container-based homes for the homeless. We understand how urgent the process is. That’s why we’re here to help.


Our seasoned team of experts will fully furnish the container to meet your preferences. We’ll then transport the container apartments to your location of choice safely and promptly. Once we reach your destination, we’ll set up the houses just the way you want. Thanks to our experienced team, this process will take the shortest time possible.

We Are the Experts


At Acme, we have successfully created several container-based structures, so we understand the ins and outs of furnishing container-based homes. Our completed projects are proof we can take up your job and deliver results that exceed your expectations. Fill out our contact form to learn more about our efforts to make container-based homes for the homeless.


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