Crystals, Cabanas, Carnations and More! ACME’s custom creations for AMEX Platinum House 2018

Crystals, Cabanas, Carnations and More! ACME’s custom creations for AMEX Platinum House 2018

For most events, you hire a different team to handle different sections of production. Whether it be one team for lighting, another for staging. You get the point. Acme, however, is a little bit different. We are not just a machine shop. woodshop or print shop. We are all that and more. By having so many different departments of skill here at Acme, we are able to create virtually anything your creatives can dream up. A great example of this was our previous fabrication work at the 2018 American Express Platinum House in Palm Springs. We were tasked with creating a very large amount of various custom creations in an extremely tight timeline. This brief article is going to showcase some of those creations and go a little bit into how our 75,000 square foot facility allowed us to make them!

Giant Realistic Crystals

Unfortunately, unless you own a quartz mine in South America, there is no place where you can purchase 6′ tall crystals. But rest assured, if your ever in need of oversized realistic crystals we have the know-how and the talent to create them for you!

Custom Hedges

We’ve all been there… You’ve spent the last 5 years of your life carefully pruning and shaping your delicate house hedge to shape into your brand logo for this one SUPER important event 5 years in the making. Well, what if I told you, you didn’t have to spend the 5 years of frustration to get your hedge looking the way you want it too? Well, we did just that for American Express. Through the use of our metal, CNC, and sculpting departments, we created extremely realistic hedge shaped into various different body parts as well as logos!

Custom Cabanas

Custom hedges, crystals, and ribbons are great and all, but they are all missing one thing. The ability to sit on them… When you’re in 100+ degree weather in Palm Springs, the longer you sit in direct sunlight the chances of you having to cut your vacation short from sun poisoning grow. Luckily, we created a variety of different custom cabanas that have cooling white shades. Some even have hammocks that you can and enjoy your complimentary event beverages on!

Giant Stage Ribbons

If you are a big follower of our articles, you will know that we’re not just about the small stuff here at ACME. We like to go BIG. These ribbons were our largest pieces at the American Express platinum house. There twists and turns and folds were engineered to resist 65 mph sustained winds which are very frequent in the desert.

Try to contain your excitement, but this is not even all of the custom creations we made for this event. The rest will be showcased in a later article since we don’t want to spoil all of it at once!

If you have an event coming up and need beautiful furniture or custom pieces, please give us a shout! You can reach out to us by email or telephone at 323-722-0000. Nothing too big or complex that we can’t create! We are an event agency’s most useful tool!

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