Custom Container Based Activations

Fully Customizable Container Based Activations (CBAs)

Are you getting tired of the same formulaic Tradeshow and Brand Activations? It seems, like all Tradeshow booths these days are one level overcomplicated monstrosities. That is why we have created a modular solution for your Marketing Needs! Whether it be for a experiential brand activation, trade show, pop up shop, or your retail needs, our modular container based activation is for you.

Recently we created a three story Speak Easy for Brass Knuckles at Highlife 2017. This activation acted as many things, a Trade Show Exhibit, a Pop Up Retail Store, and an Experiential Brand Activation. This three story building was fully customized and branded to mesh with the rough and tough Brand Identity of Brass Knuckles.

We don’t want to keep this type of brand experience a trade secret. Instead, we believe this is to marketing as matrix panels were to the tradeshow industry. Our modular building system allows you to create any multilevel activation you desire from a proven building system. That is why we are officially allowing new business to rent and rebrand the entire CBA structure to fit their needs.

Benefits of Acme’s Container Based Activations (CBA)

Portability and Quick Installation

Container based activations are a breeze to ship and install. Even though these containers are heavily modified from their original shipping container base, they are still easily able to fit onto a 16 Wheeler and shipped to their desired location. An even better benefit is that all custom furniture, graphics, and utilities; can also be shipped within the containers during transport. This helps us reduce the cost of transport. Once these containers arrive at location, setting them up is simple and can be completed in one day. The system’s modularity allows it to be easily taken down and stored for reuse which once again reduces your cost.

Quick Benefit List



  • Modular
  • Air Conditioned
  • Quick Installation and Strike
  • Cost Efficient
  • Completely Customizable
  • Unparalleled Marketing Effectiveness

Brass Knuckles Second Floor Executive Custom Couches

Make a BIG Impact

Most Trade Show Exhibits follow the same formula, they either act as a place where sales reps can sit down and chat with their clients, or as a mock retail store/product display showcase. With CBA’s, you can do all of this in a much smaller footprint. Since Tradeshows charge by the square foot, our CBA’s make use of vertical space in order to maximize your square footage. Now even 20×20 trade show exhibits have the advantage to have a second floor, or even a third. Containers can be arranged to whatever square footage you have to work with. The possibilities are endless!

Completely Modular and Customizable for Your Brand Needs!

Our Container Based Activations are completely customizable for what your needs are not only as a brand but for your venue as well. In one of our previous CBA’s, our client Brass Knuckles used their CBA for three different main reasons. The first level acted as a pop up retail store where consumers could try and buy their products. The second level was an exclusive VIP Lounge for Brass Knuckles Elite management and special guests. Lastly, the third level was a stage and lounge area, where a Live DJ threw a party. But… These CBA’s can be so much more.

What can be a CBA used for?


  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Pop Up Stores
  • Experiential Marketing Activations
  • Mobile Tours
  • Retail Activations
  • Hospitality
  • Anything!

What Can You Do With All These Levels?


  • Retail Store
  • Executive Lounge
  • Conference Rooms
  • Dance Floor
  • Foodery
  • Trade Show Display
  • Marketing Experience
  • Product Display
  • Anything!

Brass Knuckles High Life Music Festival Side View

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This is The Future!

We believe that these containers are the future of Brand Activations, whether they be pop up stores, experiential marketing activations, or Trade Show Exhibits! If you are as excited as we are, Reach out!

Videos from our Previous CBAs!