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We Build Custom Props

We fabricate a range of custom props for movies, tv, and films. Our foam sculpting, scenic painting, and hard coating departments are just a few of the many reasons why we excel in the prop making industry. We work with producers from the biggest production houses to achieve a result that is exactly what the client has in mind. Whether you know exactly what you want or want us to come up with a design for you, we can create it!


The right props can really make a difference in a production. We at Acme can create convincing custom movie props to fit your budget and help make your production look great, whether you’re shooting for the big screen, TV or even if you’re putting on a stage play. We can also make Instagrammable props. Instagram is one of the best tools in new media for promoting a service, increasing brand awareness or showing off a product. When a picture needs to say a thousand words, you need the props in that picture to really pop. Your Acme prop maker will make sure they do.


The Custom Prop Creation Process


CAD and Design

The first step in the journey through the prop creation process is design. We understand that a great prop starts with great design, which is why we have state-of-the-art design tools and prop design experts at your disposal. Clients can either come to us with a premade CAD rendering or allow our designers to ideate and decide how to best create your prop in a way that seamlessly syncs with your style. We use the latest computer-aided design software that is compatible with our CNC routing, 3D robotic arm sculpting, and hot wire foam sculpting.


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Once we have the design, our custom prop builders go to work in the construction phase. Depending on the type of prop we are creating, we go about construction in a couple different ways. If we can, we will create basic props out of a wood framing with custom graphics laid on the outside. These wood props are sturdy and look great for large scale props. However, when wait and intricacy are a factor, typically the foam sculpting method to create props.


For more intricate designs, foam sculpting is used where wood would not fit the bill. As mentioned above, foam sculpting is usually done with our 3D robotic arm or Hotwire machine. Once the foam is constructed, it is reinforced with a wood or aluminum superstructure.


Scenic Painting

We are one of the very few production houses in the United States that still has an in-house painting room. This allows us to do scenic painting no matter the time or weather conditions outside. This allows us to provide the best possible results for you all year round. If you need quick turnaround for quality film props, this ability can make all the difference. Our in-house Scenic painter is a master of his craft and can turn any surface material into any texture or look you desire.

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Whether you’re looking for custom-made movie props, props for Instagram photos, stage props, giant props for an exhibition or event or any other kind of custom prop for your project, Acme is the prop company you need. We do it right from start to finish and our customers are always satisfied. To get a quote for your custom props, just fill out the form below and click to submit. Contact us now to get started!

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