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ACME creates a variety of custom-crafted ball pits with over 50,000 multi-colored balls! Our ball pits can be set up in many places– from private events to trade-show booths, on sand to concrete surfaces.


ACME ball pits combine all the fun, memorable, and social media savvy elements of experiential marketing into one custom-branded ball pit.


Be a baller and dive with ACME into the future of marketing TODAY!

1540 Productions Ball Pit
Roots 3 Productions Ball Pit
Roots 3 Productions Ball Pit
Roots 3 Productions Ball Pit
Orange and Green BallPit
Bud Light Ball Pit
Ball Pit Bud Light
Ballpit Crazy Experience
Ballpit Cannonball Pit Dive
rental ball pit
ACME - McDonald's Ball Pit 2
Rental Ball Pit
Black Light Ball Pit
Ball Pit Rental
Ball Pit Rental

We Create Experiences


Personalized ball pits are great for adults to have fun, relax and enjoy the therapeutic effects of exercise. They create a sea of fun and entice people of all ages to immerse themselves in a relaxing environment.


Acme offers the largest custom ball pit balls for hire. Our custom-made, modular ball pit structure with thousands of different balls allows us to create installations of any size. Using about 50,000 balls, we can transform any existing space into a fun, immersive and memorable experience for any business event.


Our Work


Every event we take part in is undertaken with the interest of the client at heart. We carefully consider all aspects of the event and then tailor our ball pit rental to ensure we meet all your requirements.


All our equipment is insured, meets current U.S. safety standards and is managed by our experienced team of professionals from the beginning to the end of the event. We ensure you have everything you need to make your professional event a success, from the ball pit container to the safety equipment.


Our approach ensures that, whether the ball pit is the main attraction of your business or a side piece to another activity, everyone at the event will have fun, be happy and remember it for a long time.


Benefits of Having a Custom Ball Pit


Conveying your brand is the key to your event’s success. Whether our ball pit rental will be used as the main attraction for your business or as an addition to a larger event, we have a variety of modular systems, including the following:


  • Branded balls: Choose a specific color or set of colors to match the theme of your business.


  • Branded side panels: Wrap a part of the metal frame with your business graphics.


  • Branded backdrops: Create an entirely fun and immersive environment according to your needs.


Work With the Professionals


Our ball pit rental services are unrivaled — we have the best premium ball pits for any business event. The best part is that our huge ball pits can be set up both indoors and outdoors, so you don’t have to fret about bad weather ruining your day.


Our quality adult ball pits are available for rent for corporate events, parties and any other function where people need to be entertained for a long time. We deliver promptly, and all our equipment is cleaned and sterilized thoroughly after every use. We take pride in creating good and healthy fun for everyone involved, both indoors and outdoors.


Why Choose Us?


Acme has been in business for several years. We offer ball pit rental services and are permitted throughout the U.S. Our team is aware of the latest licenses and safety equipment. All our pit ball rentals come with the right number of staff to ensure the safety of your guests. We also have full insurance coverage.


You can trust us to make your business event or celebration worth remembering. Talk to us by filling out a form for your custom ball pit, and our team will get back to you.

Key Features:

  • 300+ sq ft of brandable area
  • Customizable & versatile for many events and surfaces
  • Instagrammable + Experiential

BallPit Rental FAQs

  • For Corporate and Special Events!
  • Commercial Grade Ballpits!
  • $4995 Base Rental Cost


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