Design Build Services


Design CAD

ACME uses advanced technology to design products and engineer their custom builds. Our experienced designers and engineers have over 15 years of custom build experience. Whether your object or environment will be used for experiential events, retail spaces, or other purposes, ACME has your back!




ACME is able to create some unbelievable designs with the assistance of CAD/Engineering. This enables us to create high precision and complex designs within a small time frame and at a low cost. Our engineers have worked with countless industries and have been selectively chosen for their ingenuity, creativity, and efficiency. Finished designs can either be supplied to us or our in-house creative team can work hand in hand with you to design a truly spectacular experience.



3D Printing

ACME offers 3D printing as one of many design services to their clientele. 3D printing enables ACME to produces amazing custom objects that help companies better communicate their value. Our state of the art gypsum color 3D printer allows us to print objects with micron resolution. This extreme tolerance management allows us to work with high-end service and government industries that require extreme tolerances. ACME also has the capability to foam sculpt using a 7 axis robotic arm sculptor in addition to standard PLA, ABS and SLA mediums.


Rapid Prototyping

Our longevity in the fabrication industry has allowed us to create an efficient and lean prototyping process which increases speed and reduces cost. Our skilled engineers can take your design-build process to the next level with 3D prototyping. This unique and rapid form of prototyping allows us to communicate with you through a tangible medium so your team can truly bring your visions to reality.



Graphic Layout & Design

ACME only hires top talent for its graphic layout and design teams. Our established teams will help your company enhance your brand’s look through strategic logo placement, advanced lighting techniques, better drafting, and state of the art graphic technology.