Experiential Marketing

Compare attending a live concert of your favorite musician with watching the event on television. The two experiences are incomparable. Watching an event live gives a personalized experience. You become part of the sounds, sight and smell of the live event, which endears you more to the moment and makes the event memorable.


Like attending a live event, experiential marketing is a form of engagement marketing that immerses customers in a memorable experience with the product. It engages the customer fully and creates a strong bond between the customer and the brand. The result is that the customer forms memorable connections with the brand, which promotes customer loyalty.

Aspects of Experiential Marketing


There are four aspects of experiential advertising that every experiential marketing company should take advantage of:


  • Sensory Elements: Every human being is driven by their main senses of touch, smell, sight and hearing. For an experiential marketing campaign to be effective and benefit your brand, it should appeal to customers’ senses.


  • Emotional Effect: Evoking emotions during experiential marketing helps create fond memories of your product. Experiential marketing also brings a personal connection and a sense of entertainment, which endears the product to the consumer.


  • Audience Interaction: The core of experiential marketing is one-on-one engagement between your brand and your customers. So, ensure your brand appears across all platforms where your target audience is present.


  • Relatability: Today, brands should be able to relate to their customer base. An experiential marketing agency that wants to succeed in their campaign must have an authentic connection with customers.


How Experiential Marketing Can Help Your Company

Experiential Marketing Generates Sales and Leads


Besides introducing customers to your brand, an experiential marketing campaign helps attract new customers to your sales funnel. Approximately 65% of brands admit that their experiential marketing has led to direct sales. About 74% of consumers also say that they’re highly likely to purchase products that are promoted in experiential marketing events.


Consumers Can Actively Experience Your Product and Brand


Experiential marketing provides a whole different way for consumers to associate with your product and brand. Consumers get to experience the product with all their senses and form an immersive, emotional relationship with the brand. Such an immersive experience is a better way for consumers to understand your product.


Experiential Marketing Creates Memorability


Experiential marketing is a unique and enjoyable form of marketing. Due to its uniqueness, this form of marketing is highly memorable.


During the experiential campaign, people can have authentic interactions with the product. By putting the product in the consumers’ hands, they can remember it for many years to come. This also generates customer loyalty.


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