Galaxy Life Fest

Galaxy Life Fest

SXSW 2016

Galaxy Life Fest brought the house down at SXSW in 2016

Samsung hosted a large-scale experiential event at South by South West in 2016. Acme worked to design sets, stages, and other custom objects that Samsung needed for this event. Samsung used this opportunity to gain brand exposure for their galaxy gear lineups as well as the galaxy brand as a whole. Experiential marketing events such as these let Samsung create unforgettable experiences for potential customers, potentially shifting their brand loyalty.

Acme worked closely with Samsung to design and fabricate the areas you see in the video above. These custom objects help attendees to be more immersed in this unique brand experience.

Not only where their concerts and live music events at the Galaxy Fest, Samsung hosted a wide range of different and unique product demos. The most popular demo being, the galaxy gear VR demo. Attendees enjoyed a 360 degree fully immersive video with their own galaxy gear VRs.

The outstanding attendance of this event allowed Samsung to reach new heights in brand popularity and loyalty. Luckily for Samsung, Acme was able to fabricate this unique imagined experience. Samsung will continue their mobile tour throughout the US.

Even though the Galaxy brand is cemented in the mind of the common consumer, Samsung shows great marketing initiative by still trying to reach new heights for their brand through experiential events.

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