Get-Up-&-Go Mobile Container Pop Up Shop


The biggest gripe with Container Based Activations seems to be the setup. Moving 10,000 pound containers isn’t exactly easy… until now. Gone are the days of having to deal with the burden of renting and operating heavy machinery such as Forklifts, Gradalls, and Boom Lifts for your simple mobile pop-up shop. No need for a whole day of setup either! Acme has designed and engineered a mobile shipping container based activation that uses our proprietary hydraulic lift system to lift up and off the bed of a 36″ trailer and right onto your activation location! From start to finish, the setup is only 2 hours!


It goes without saying that pop-up shops are a great way to get your business started without the hefty cost and commitment that comes with leasing a building or space for your business. In addition, they’re the fastest way for businesses that operate online to temporarily try out a brick-and-mortar storefront. The best part is that pop-ups can be used to promote and sell products and services of all types, including food, clothing, drinks, gifts and more.




Our proprietary container activation is like nothing else on the market. This turnkey system allows you to setup just about anywhere you can drive a truck. Our hydraulic lift system does the rest of the heavy lifting for you. And when the show is over and its time to move onto the next one, the hydraulic system allows you to drive the trailer right back underneath the container and drive away!


Each container activation is fully customizable in just about every way. The inside can be built to fit your brand’s aesthetic and the front side folds down to become extra floor space. The top of the container can also include an awning and row of misters for those activations which take place in the heat of summer.


The container comes fully equipped with electrical outlets, lights and can be customized to suit your exact electrical needs. Whether you are in the middle of nowhere and need to run off a generator, or only have a standard 110 outlet to plug into, this pop-up container can do the job! Working with standard dock heights? No problem, the container hydraulic system can also be modified to rise to standard dock height!


  • Acme has created a flexible solution for retailers: Take your products and sell them where your customers are with pop-up trucks from Acme. Pop-up stores are perfect for those retailers interested in getting their merchandise out for a low overhead cost.


  • Acme containers help protect your valuable inventory: You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your products will remain secure throughout the day. Our all-steel containers have high security locks and steel walls, so your inventory remains safe.


  • Acme pop-up stores are designed with weather in mind: Come rain or sunshine, your merchandise will be protected when your pop-up shop is in an Acme container. All our containers are made of steel frames and have secure closures, wall vents, durable corrugated roofing and anti-condensation ceilings to protect your goods inside and out.


The Possibilities


Without the need to coordinate heavy machinery (Which is time-consuming, logistically challenging, and costly) you can save BIG on your next mobile tour and/or pop-up activation! Using heavy machinery on city streets usually requires permitting which is another hassle that is not needed when you use our proprietary hydraulic lift system! Contact Us today to discuss how this revolutionary system can help you!


Here are a few other benefits of getting a pop-up shop from Acme:


  • Cut costs: Did you know that the rent for a pop-up shop is as low as 20 percent of the usual market rates? Well, now you know.


  • Mitigate risk: Short-term leases make a mobile pop-up store less risky and extremely affordable in the long run.


  • Test the market: A mobile showroom gives you the chance to test out the market for your new product and see how well your products or services sell while getting first-hand feedback from customers.


  • Test locations: A mobile pop-up shop also gives you a chance to test out a certain location to see how well your products or services sell in different geographic areas.


  • Foster brand awareness: A mobile retail shop helps create brand awareness. It gives you the opportunity to let people know about your products and build brand loyalty right from the beginning.


  • Create urgency: Pop-up stores create a sense of urgency. This is because customers often feel the need to buy something immediately if they think the shop will only be open for a short period of time.


  • Add a new revenue stream: If you’re running an online business, a mobile showroom truck is the best way to add a revenue stream to your business.


  • Enjoy flexible terms: Lastly, pop-up stores have low risk. If things fail to work out, you aren’t locked down by a long-term lease. You can move on to something new faster.


Why Choose Acme?


A mobile pop-up shop from Acme provides numerous advantages that businesses simply cannot get online. Customers can interact with your business to establish a relationship and communicate what they want.


Through one-on-one contact, you have a chance to offer unique experiences to your customers. In addition to showcasing what you sell, you can also give a demonstration, outline the benefits and share endorsements. It’s one of the most effective ways to engage customers, educate them, promote your brand and create sales.


Save money and stand out with a mobile pop-up shop for your business. Contact Acme by filling out our form to learn more about how you can scale your business with a pop-up store.

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