Giant Mirror GIF Photo Booth

Interactive Photo Booth


There’s nothing quite like the giant mirror photo booth experience. An interactive photo booth may seem like an idea best suited for weddings and birthday parties. But brands in different industries are seeing amazing results with this idea. Sure, old marketing approaches still work. However, you shouldn’t let the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality stop you from experimenting with different ideas.


Looking to Boost Your Brand’s Visibility?


So, you have an event coming up. And all you’re thinking about is how to make it colorful and memorable. You’d like to draw the crowds in and have them interact with your brand. But that’s one of the hardest things to do in today’s overly competitive marketplace.


Here’s the good news. With the right marketing ideas, elevating your brand becomes a lot less daunting. And promoting your brand stops being such a prohibitively expensive affair.


Sometimes, getting people talking about your business is as easy as setting up an experiential photo booth in an easily accessible place.

Giant Mirror Photo Op

Five Interactive Photo Booth Benefits for Businesses


  1. You’ll Easily Grab People’s Attention


The marketplace is now more crowded than it’s ever been. And getting noticed is becoming increasingly difficult. Thankfully, with a bit of planning coupled with a little creativity, making your brand known becomes much easier. One surefire way to get noticed today is to hold events that captivate people in some way. Photo booths can help you easily grab people’s attention.


Sometimes, erecting a branded photo booth is all you need to do. Then, have a few marketing people stand there and just smile. Yes, smile and encourage people to come and take amazing pics. Don’t worry. People will come. They don’t need as much prodding as you likely imagine. Who doesn’t like taking stunning photos these days? No one — that’s who.


  1. You’ll Create Interactions Among Attendees


Have you ever worked with an interactive photo booth rental? The right company sets everything up and gets down to do what they do best: interacting with attendees. Our professional photo booth attendants are warm, approachable and great at executing an appropriate theme for your event. As people wait for their turn at the both, they’ll likely talk. Sometimes it’s your brand, products and services they’re engaging one another about.


  1. People Love Shared Experiences


Help your attendees enjoy shared experiences. Such experiences come with certain benefits you don’t want to miss. So, have your event’s attendees do exciting stuff virtually they’ll want to share online with their friends. Things like climbing Mt. Everest. Or scaling some incredibly tall building. Or pulling off some crazy stunt, such as hanging from the wing of a flying plane. Guests might also pose for GIFs that they and their friends will really love.


  1. You’ll Get Branded, Potentially Viral UGC and Sales


Modern interactive pic booths support instant sharing on social media. But how does that help your brand? Well, the photos will be branded. Plus, you’ll have the attendees share the content with your event’s hashtag. Who knows, some of the user generated content might end up going viral. Imagine what that might do for your business.


What if no “virality” ever happens? Don’t worry. Many people who’ve never heard of your company might end up receiving that content from their friends. That’s free advertising for you. You might even see a few sales right at the event.


  1. You’ll Make People Feel Smart


A giant mirror photo booth might seem intimidating at first. However, everyone starts feeling confident as soon as they start walking toward the magic mirror. People don’t need any special skills to enjoy their session at the booth.


The technology used in modern booths “interacts” with people. It makes even the least tech savvy feel suddenly smart and knowledgeable. The technology at work is designed to deliver an immersive, interactive, memorable experience. If you handle everything right, lots of the participants will remember your brand’s name.


Take the Next Step


If you’ll be doing lots of events, you may want to buy your own booth. Alternatively, you can have a proven professional such as Acme Made in America handle it for you. Acme can also build a custom experiential picture booth for you. Simply tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen within your budget. Transparency and honesty define us. Read our online reviews and get a feel of what working with us is like.


Why Choose Acme?


We’re master builders capable of constructing anything you’ll ever need. Communicate the idea you have in mind, and we’ll execute quickly and expertly. Whether you want stunning custom props, captivating backdrops or hypnotizing uplighting, we’ll create it for you. You’ll like our pricing, too. To rent or buy a custom pic booth today, fill out a form or call us directly.


Giant Mirror Photo Booth Experience!

Climb Mt Everest – Scale a Building – Fly on the Wing of a Plane – Teter on the edge of a dangerous cliff! Do it all with our one of a kind giant mirror photo booth experience. Participants lay on a graphic floor and position themselves for a 6 frame motion GIF which gives them an unforgettable mini movie! Tie this in with your branding and create an unforgettable experience!


Key Features:


  • Features a 14’x20′ Mirror


  • Easily Interchangeable Graphic Backed Flooring (Scratch Proof)


  • Adjustable Mirror Angle


  • BackWall Included


  • Ground Support and Hanging Support Available


  • Swap Out Graphics in 20 minutes!


  • Super High Quality + Reflective Mirror


  • Guaranteed to WOW any passerby.


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