8′ Diameter Human Hamster Wheel

Human Hamster Wheel for People


If you ever get tired sitting at a corporate event all day, you’ll be thrilled to hear that there is a newer, better alternative out there. The human hamster wheel is pretty much what it sounds like — a human-sized hamster wheel that allows users to stand on it and walk.


Planning an extraordinary business event involves a lot of little details, and a giant hamster wheel for humans is one surprising prop that can instantly boost the fun level.


It’s a great addition to any business event. It allows people to have fun, relax and enjoy the therapeutic effects that come with engaging in fun exercises. Human hamster wheels have been used for decades to make people happy, relaxed and enjoy a good time.


The brightly colored human hamster wheels create a rainbow of fun and entice people of all ages into a therapeutic environment. They engage all the muscles of the body, provide buoyant support and encourage deep relaxation.

Human hamster wheel
human hamster wheel
Human Hamster Wheel
Hamster Wheel

Human Hamster Wheel for Corporate Events


When people think of a human hamster wheel rental, they may immediately picture a children’s play area. However, kids aren’t the only ones who like to have fun. When planning a corporate event, it’s important to include several ice breakers.


A human hamster wheel can be a fun way to get your guests to loosen up. For business events, a human hamster wheel can be integrated into a game, used for photo ops or even used to keep the kids busy if the event is inclusive of families.


Human Hamster Wheel for Dancing


Sometimes at corporate events, it’s hard to get people dancing. Of course, you can have a DJ put together playlists designed specifically to draw people to the dance floor. But some guests may still be reluctant to get out of their comfort zones and kick their heels.


However, with a human hamster wheel next to the dance floor, more people are more likely to get up and start having fun. Then, as their anxiety fades away, they may slowly transition from the hamster wheel to the dance floor.


Hamster Wheel for Adults


At Acme, we understand that adults need to have fun, even when they’re at business events. Hamster wheels are usually designed for kids’ enjoyment. But for many adults, it can be a lot of fun to dive into the nostalgia of childhood. A human hamster wheel treadmill is an event prop that makes this possible.


People are constantly looking for new ways to have fun at business events. Walking on a human-sized hamster wheel is one good way for adults to engage in a creative activity while boosting brainpower.


There are other similar options like the conventional treadmill, but the difference with the hamster wheel for humans is that one can set their own pace while walking on the wheel. It’s meant to reduce boredom and create enjoyment for those who like to be a little active through their day.


Hype It up With a Human Hamster Wheel!


Bring out your inner child and do what everyone has dreamed of doing in their life– run on a Human Hamster Wheel! Our fully brandable human hamster wheel comes with a custom 4-sided facade and ramp, which can all be modified to suit your brand’s theme/aesthetics. The hamster wheel can be rented by itself or with the custom walls. Events that feature our interactive human hamster wheel garner 20% more impressions on average than standard activation with no interactivity!


The hamster wheel for rental can be rented by itself or with custom walls. Events that feature our interactive human hamster wheel garner 20% more impressions on average than standard activation with no interactivity! Get in touch with us by filling out the form on this page, and get an amazing human-sized hamster wheel for your next corporate event.


Key Features:


  • Fully brandable


  • Variable speed & safety rails


  • Eye catching & interactive


  • An amazing Instagrammable moment!


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