Add Value to Your Brand With Large Foam Props

Large foam props are essential elements that create an appealing visual attraction and make a presentation more realistic. Brands use large foam props to grab the attention of their audience and engage them better.


The large foam props must be unique to your brand. Therefore, they are never stocked. At Acme, we help brands create props of exceptional quality. We handle both small-scale and large-scale production of props for theater, film, television and live event promotions.


We have built unique large stage props for top brands like AXE, McDonald’s, Barbie, Starbucks, Nintendo, Red Bull, Christian Louboutin and BMW, among others. We work with marketing agencies, producers, event planners, creatives and production managers to design and build creative prop solutions for their brands.

How Large Props Benefit Your Brand


  1. Enhance Brand Awareness


Large foam props can improve your brand awareness in two ways. They leave behind a visual memory in your customers’ minds or increase exposure on social media.


Consumers tend to remember visually captivating props that they see in stores or films. So, you can use creative and appealing props to sell your brand and enhance memorability. Also, if your props have some fun factor, consumers are more likely to share them on social media.


  1. Used as Business Stands


Stands are an effective marketing strategy to draw new customers to your business. Large foam props can be used at exhibitions to attract consumers who are interested in your industry.


At conferences and exhibitions, people usually find it hard to remember specific aspects of your business, but they will remember well-crafted large stage props.


  1. Promoting New Products


Businesses can use large props to promote a new product. New products can be difficult to sell, but if you use props, you can significantly improve the exposure of the product and increase sales. At Acme, we create attractive, large stage props that leave an imprint of your product in the minds of consumers.

Creative Ways to Use Large Props


We create large party props to use at a variety of events. Below are some ways you can use large foam props:


  • Conferences and exhibitions


  • Film making


  • Photography


  • Artistic production


  • Theater


  • Tradeshows


Why Work With Acme?


We Are Professional, High-Quality Creators


At Acme, we use the latest technology and trends to create high quality, large foam letters and props for our customers’ brands. Additionally, our seasoned workforce conducts quality assessments to ensure only products of the highest quality leave our facility.


We Are Reliable


When you work with us, you can be assured you’ll receive creative, full turnkey solutions. Our large facility allows us to work more efficiently and effectively to ensure we complete our projects promptly. Our clients get professional experience and high-quality large prop letters or props that exceed their expectations.


We Have an Experienced Team


We take pride in working with seasoned prop makers, sculptors, engineers and industrial designers who have been carefully handpicked due to their excellent work over the years. So, when you work with Acme, you’ll be working with the best.

Let Us Serve You


We understand how important your brand is and the major role a quality large foam prop can play in helping it stand out. That’s why we are always innovating and pushing the boundaries to provide you with a custom prop that portrays your style. Feel free to call us at 323-722-0000 and schedule a fabrication consultation today.


At Acme, we’ll be glad to serve you. Tell us about your needs by completing our online form, and we’ll be happy to create quality custom large foam props for your business.


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