Modular Buildings

Make IT Happen with Modular Buildings!

Are you getting tired of the same formulaic trade-show and brand activations? It seems like all trade-show booths these days are a single level of over-complicated monstrosities. That is why we have created a modular solution for your marketing needs! Whether it be for a experiential brand activation, trade-show, pop up shop, or your retail needs, our modular container based activation is for you!


Recently we created an award-winning three-story speakeasy for Brass Knuckles at Highlife 2017. This activation flawlessly blended together different marketing elements: a Trade-Show Exhibit,  Pop-Up Retail Store, and an Experiential Brand Activation–all in one!


We don’t want to keep this type of brand experience a trade secret. Instead, we believe this is to marketing as matrix panels were to the trade-show industry. Our modular building system allows you to create any multi-level activation you desire from a proven building system. That is why we are officially allowing brands to rent and re-brand the entire CBA structure to fit their needs.

Key Features:

  • Multi-story & modular
  • Quick, customizable, & cost-efficient
  • Award-winning & impactful
  • WOW factor


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Brass Knuckles Cannabis Cup 2018

Brass Knuckles High Life Music Festival Side View
Brass Knuckles Speak Easy Front View
Container Based Activation