Our Clients




We understand companies need to drive their brand growth through spectacular and awe-inspiring design. Acme has over 15 years of experience working with the biggest brands to bring their products to life. We are seasoned experiential and fabrication professionals who have grown brands through unparalleled design. Our team of creative experience designers are guaranteed to bring your brand vision to life.



Acme has perfected the design-build process through its work with the nation’s biggest retailers. Our 75000 square foot warehouse and design laboratory allows us to create any possible design using state of the art machinery. Acme acts as a one-stop shop for retail presentation. We create exceptional retail environments through store fixture design and prototyping, layout and design, lighting design and media integration to visual merchandising, media integration and in-store implementation.


Marketing Agencies

Working on a project that needs an experienced qualityprop/stage/environment fabricator? Look no further! Acme has worked with the nation’s best and biggest experiential marketing agencies that do not have the capabilities to fabricate their own custom objects or environments. We work with marketing companies nationwide to cultivate successful relationships and build better brands.


Commercial & Private Industries

Acme’s Design Build Services also extend to the commercial space’s unique and difficult challenges. Acme has the capability of designing a unique environment whether it be commercial or private. Our efficient manufacturing and development processes keep cost down and keep your business moving!


Designers / Architects / Project Managers

Acme works one to one with designers to help bring their visions to reality. When working with us, designers have access not only the largest fabrication house in America, but the latest and greatest in fabrication and manufacturing technology. Including but not limited to, Sate of the art Gypsum 3D printing, millwork, full metal fabrication, 6 axis hot water sculpting, 7 axis robotic sculpting, 3D scanning and milling, 3 Axis CNC Milling, and much more!


  • Over 100 – Top Marketing Agencies across the country
  • Over 100 – Designers / Architects/Project Managers
  • Over 100 – Business to Business Agencies
  • Over 50 – Retailers