Three Story Speak Easy


Acme built an enormous three level Tradeshow… building! This brand experience was tailored to match Brass Knuckles brand to a tee. Brass Knuckles is known for its rough around the edges, brash yet sophisticated persona, and we wanted to embellish that to the best of our ability. That is why there are many old timey factory and industrial era elements in it. From the ropes with sandbags on each end, to the large factory windows of the second floor, everything about this structure screams, industrial era. A lot of these elements are synonymous with the roaring 20’s, a time in the heart of prohibition. As the title of this alludes too, we made this building a Speak Easy.

Two unassuming brick walls open on the first floor, which takes visitors to the luxurious second and third floors! The second level of the building is an exclusive VIP lounge which acts as a place to cool off, for BK’s top brass (no pun intended).  The second floor is dimly lit while being air conditioned through a large Air conditioning unit which is strategically placed out of sight. The second floor also includes custom furniture which adds to the feel of the secret underground Speak Easy of the 1920’s. Warm tone lights, executive leather chairs, an entertainment pole and a fully stocked bar all add to the illusion of a true 1920’s speak easy.

Presenting an unobstructed view of the entire trade show floor, the third floor provides a lively environment where brass knuckles patrons can dance, relax or enjoy a cocktail. This floor is home to Brass Knuckles Live, which is a live music event hosted by Brass Knuckles. For those who could experience all three levels of the Brass Knuckles Highlife Experience, they received a high quality, unforgettable show!

Experiential, Themed Environments, Trade Show Exhibits