Cupcake Vineyards Giant Wine Glass


Cupcake Vineyards Giant Wine Glass


Listen up Wine Lovers – Do we have a project for you! Acme Fabricated a Giant 6’6″ Wine Glass for Cupcake vineyards with included Bubbles and Giant Straw. The beautifully crafted wine glass was created using a blend of skills in acrylics, scenic painted as well as metal work and lighting. The face and body are made of a clear PETG plastic which was placed in a blow mold to create a beautiful and symmetrical Wine Glass Body. Inside the body are 3″ clear plastic balls which give the Bubbly look to the gargantuan wine glass. On the outside, a translucent candy coat was painted in three equally sized stripes across the wine glass vertically. These three brand colors represent cupcake

Where You Saw It

This giant vessel of bubbly deliciousness traveled across the United State to various festivals and events on a wine tasting tour for Cupcake Vineyards. The experiential tour started off at Coachella 2019 in Indio California, an event with over 200,000 visitors! Afterwards the Wineglass traveled across the nation to Chicago for the annual Lollapalooza. The Cupcake Vineyards Choose Joy campaign turned out to be a very effective marketing campaign for the company and the instagrammable wine glass had a very large effect!

-LollaPalooza 2019

-Coachella 2019

Check Out The Project!

Girl drinking infront of Huge Vino Glass

Key Features

  • Lights Up At Night
  • Face made from One Solid Acrylic Piece
  • Single Layers of Clear Bubbles on Face

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Giant Wine Glass Colored
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