Dewnited Skates 2019


Dewnited Skates 2019

Acme fabricated the main space activation for the 2019 Dewnited Skates in Long Beach California. The space incorporated back-lit acrylic rails as well as Fluorescent green poles which made the space pop with vibrancy and color. The street styled fenced area contained merchandise and other knick knacks from around the country to show the different skate cultures in different American cities. Acme fabricated the entire space including the mechanical slot machine which brought people into the space for a chance to win  fun and exciting prices.

Check Out The Project!

Check Out the Supersized Slot Machines in Action!

Key Features

  • Built for durability
  • Interactive Branded Slot Machine
  • Built for quick and easy setup

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Dewnited Skates 2019
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