Falcon Booth at Hall of Flowers


Falcon Booth at Hall of Flowers

Acme created an arrangement of ultramodern and thematically-appropriate walls and cabinet displays for Falcon! The focal point would have to be the spiraling rainbow tunnel, offering visitors a scenic view of Falcon’s adjacent miniature displays. Just a few steps away sits an impressive glass display case and centerpiece ‘Cru’ wall, including six backlit alcoves displaying Falcon’s selection of consumer products. At the ‘High Garden’ display, you’ll find a contemporary-industrial orange structure, offering a place to rest under a string of glowing lights, completing the Falcon setup altogether.

Key Features

  • Spiraling tunnel wrapped in multicolored vinyl with built-in LED lighting to illuminate displays
  • Premium black ‘Cru’ wall with backlit interior alcoves
  • Glass display case with centered Falcon lettering
  • Individual cabinets with slide-out drawers and locking functions

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There's More Than Light at the End of This Tunnel!

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