Fortnite Football PickAxe Props


Fortnite Football PickAxe Props

Acme was contracted to create three custom handheld Fortnite Pick Axe replicas for the 2019 Super-bowl. These three intricately crafted props where created using in-game models and our in house Scenic department for all finishing work.

The Golden Pigskin features a prestigious golden trophy with a golden football in the middle, mounted to an expensive looking rod. This skin replaces the default pickaxe but does not improve the performance of harvesting resources. This skin was created for the National Football League event. Although it looks quite fancy, this skin only has a rarity level of uncommon.

Key Features

  • 8′ Tall
  • Scenically Painted
  • Real Pinata Paper
  • Exact life size replica

Check Out The Project!

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