Mophie Treehouse Camp Flogg Knaw 2018


Mophie Treehouse Camp Flogg Knaw 2018

Acme made another dream come true in less than two weeks! Check out this illuminated tree-house for the Mophie brand featured at Camp Flog Gnaw 2018. The treehouse acted as the relaxation destination for patrons of the festivals. Patrons could charge their phones using our custom fabricated sunflower wireless charging stands, Charging “Weeds” or grills with wireless charging on them. In addition each bulb on the tree was invididually lit which made this a beautiful activation!

Check Out The Project!

Key Features

  • Individually lit Bulbs!
  • Reclaimed Wood Bark
  • Starlit underside!
  • Charging Sunflowers, Grills, and much more!

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