The Orville Bridge Set Pieces


Acme Made In America worked on the set for the upcoming FOX show The Orville. Acme has a plethora of experience working on Hollywood sets and their prowess shows on this set design for The Orville. A highlight of Acme’s work on this set is the custom designed furniture. Acme designed the two Captain Chairs that were featured right in the bridge of the Orville. These chairs were constructed all in-house using state of the art laser cutting and metal braking machinery. The chairs needed to be imposing enough to look like true captain chairs, while being slim enough, that they did not compromise viewing angles of the back hallway.
Acme worked around these challenges and still created a fantastic set piece.

By far the most interesting piece of furniture design on this set were the crew chairs (seen on both sides of the set). These scifi-esque chairs give the illusion that they are about to topple over, however through a clever trick of engineering, they are actually extremely well balanced. The chairs were crafted all in-house using the various tools and equipment at Acme Made in America. The unique support beam that runs from the front bottom to the top back of the chair was made from a single piece of rolled aluminum which was laser-cut from its original barrel shape.

This isn’t Acme’s first rodeo in the prop and set design industry. Acme has been designing custom furniture pieces and props for Hollywood since its inception in 2000. Acme’s custom designs and builds all of its projects within its vast 75,000 square foot warehouse, where it boasts the latest and greatest in custom manufacturing technology.

Whether you need an entire set, a custom prop, custom furniture, or anything in between, Acme can build it!

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