Peterson Holo Lens Kiosk


Peterson Holo Lens Kiosk

Acme fabricated a futuristic kiosk to hold the hololens augmented reality headset for the Peterson kiosk in Los Angeles. The kiosk used a variety of different lighting techniques such as EL wire, LED’s and  cold cathode lighting to create the cyber punk tech noir aesthetic. The kiosk is not only beautiful but functional as well.  The interior of the kiosk is used for the continuous charging of the hololens displays as well as the repository for the ancillary lighting power supplies. The entire kiosk was fabricated from start to finish in only 2 weeks!

Hololens worlds reimagined Kiosk
Hololens Kisok at Peterson Museum
Hololens holder

Key Features

  • Edge Banded Chrome and Brushed Aluminum
  • Polished Aluminum Support Structures.
  • EL, LED, and Cold Cathode Lighting,
  • Chrome Stands and Custom Hololens Stands.

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