Taco Bell Beyond Meat Booth


Taco Bell Beyond Meat Booth

Acme fabricated a 10×20 tradeshow booth for Yum Yum Brand’s Taco Bell. This special booth was used to market the up and coming taco bell collaboration with plant based meat “Beyond Meat. The tradeshow booth included tiled walls and a giant 3D Taco Bell “Bell”. The booth was consumer facing and patrons where able to have a sneak taste of the new Taco Bell Beyond Meat product.

Taco Bell BEyond Meat Booth
Taco Bell Beyond Meat Backwall Tradeshow booth
Beyond Meat Taco Bell Custom Sign
Taco Beyond Custom Lightbox Sign
Taco Bell Beyond Meat Wall

Key Features

  • Giant Taco Bell 3D Prop
  • Point of Sale and Food Serving Station
  • Custom Light Box Signs

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