Tsum Tsum Economy Retail Display


Tsum Tsum Economy Retail Display

Acme value engineered a economy retail display for the nationwide launch of Tsum Tsum Retail Displays. These retail displays where economically designed for durability, longevity and modularity to survive the harsh environment of the typical american retail store. The pegboard backer allows for various hooks to be placed depending on how much product is needed for the display. This retail display is designed for placement either as an aisle endcap or an inline aisle display. These simple yet elegantly designed retail displays can still be seen in stores across North America today!

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Key Features

  • Low Cost
  • Modular
  • Increased longevity
  • Scaleable
  • Mass Produced

Need a Value Engineered Retail Display Produced? We do low and high volume runs year round!

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