Wizards Unite Giant 10′ Tall Fortress Prop


Wizards Unite Giant 10′ Tall Fortress Prop

Acme created a real life Wizards Unite Fortress. This 1/10th Scale prop is 10 feet tall and has all the individual facets and grooves from those in the real game. The fortress main structure is comprised of high density poly urethane foam and is cut from a large billet using our in-house Kuka 7 Axis Robotic Arm Sculpted. The sculpted foam was then hard-coated and scenically finished to bring the game aesthetics to life! The large foam statue is secured with a metal platform with ATT branding on top. The entire 3 statues where made in 2 and  half weeks from project start to finish!

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Key Features

  • 10′ Tall
  • 3x made in 2.5 Work Weeks
  • Sculpted with 7 Axis Robotic Arm
  • Scenically finished to match game aesthetic

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