Set Design

The idea is to make your event stand out in an overcrowded market — to make your brand memorable. At Acme, we want to make your dream of making your event lively and memorable come true.


We will help you augment your event space with our beautiful scenic elements. Our state-of-the-art set designs make statements, spark interest and create space for guest interaction.


Our experienced workforce specializes in both outside festivals and indoor events. Be it props, scenery construction, movie production set, reception decor, production set designs, or theme decors, we can do it all.


At Acme, we offer complete set construction services. We collaborate with our customers to understand their needs and hold their hand all the way from the inception of a project to its completion. Our scenic experts will do custom set design and build and install great scenic decor that fits your requirements.

Why Invest in Scenic Decor for Your Brand?


The benefits of scenic decor for your event and business are immense. Some of these benefits include the following:


  • Delivers a stunning first impression: First impressions are hard to overcome. Our experienced workforce will help you get it right with our beautiful scenic decor designs. Since your business decor is the first thing your customer will know about your brand, we’ll ensure it resonates with your audience. We’ll also make sure your customers not only love your decor but that they also feel comfortable with it.


  • Makes your brand stand out: The marketplace is crowded, and the competition is high. One way to make your brand stand out from the competition is by investing in a unique decor. Consumers will remember and want to associate with a brand that has unique designs. Our experts at Acme can help you design and furnish your business premises and events in a manner you have never seen before. We are not like other set design companies. We go beyond to give you creative designs that stand out from the rest.


  • Makes your brand memorable: If consumers keep relating your brand with great scenic decor, they’ll keep your brand in their memory. Customers remember the things they like. So, let Acme do all your set fabrication and construction to create amazing designs that your customers will love.


How You Can Use Scenic Decor


Scenic decor can be used in various events to create an immersive atmosphere for your audience. Acme can provide you with high-quality scenic decor solutions for any of the situations below:


  • Trade shows


  • Weddings


  • Corporate events


  • Themed parties


  • Film production


Why Work With Acme?

We Have High Standard Qualifications


We have a team of experienced professionals in all departments with the highest standard qualifications. Our set fabrication experts have been in the industry for many years and have real field experience that is evidenced in the projects they’ve undertaken.


We Deliver Results


We have a proven record of delivering satisfactory results to our esteemed customers. So far, we have a 100% event success rate. We’re pleased to see you succeed. We will always strive to complete your project on time, so you can have a successful event.


We Use Continuous Sourcing


Our experts are always keen on upcoming decoration materials and designs to ensure that our clients benefit from the latest trends.

Let Us Build Your Set


We’re not your ordinary set design and construction company. We’ll walk you through every step to ensure your event remains in the memory of consumers. Why not complete our online form and talk to us about your needs? We’ll make your ideas a reality and help you build the perfect set.


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