Shhh… Speak Easy: Building a One of a kind Brand Activation for Brass Knuckles

Brass Knuckles High Life Music Festival Side View

Shhh… Speak Easy: Building a One of a kind Brand Activation for Brass Knuckles

Crazy ideas are the name of the game here at Acme. When Brass Knuckles came to us and said they needed the most unique and grandiose trade show booth possible, we decided a booth wouldn’t do… So we made a Building.


Right from the get go, we knew this thing needed to be BIG… Just how big, was only restricted by the height of the hangar we were working in. We decided to a Three Story, Shipping Container Based Structure was the only way to go. But this couldn’t just look like two sets of containers lopped onto one another. We needed a theme.


Brass Knuckles Speak Easy Front View


Brass Knuckles is all about empowering the people, and our collaboration with their team came to the conclusion that idea of a three level Speak Easy” was the only way to go. After all, during prohibition, Speak Easy’s were the ultimate sign of rebellion with the government! Through many iterations of concepting, the final version of the Speak Easy came out even better than our wildest expectations!


The First Level: Redefining the Retail Store

The final version of the Speak Easy included a first level retail store, where any person visiting the High Life Festival could sample, view and ultimately purchase any of Brass Knuckle’s Products.


Brass Knuckles High Life Retail Store


This retail store included custom brand signage, custom fabricated retail product display cases and custom showcases that matched Brass Knuckles gritty and old fashion brand identity. The walls were lined with a faux-brick laminate, and the lights provided a soft warm hue, that which you would find in an old factory. When combined, all of these subtle elements transported the visitor into the world of Brass Knuckles and out of the hustle and bustle of the Highlife Tradeshow floor.

At first glance, there is no clear way to reach the second or third floor. However, as a keen eye during the event may have realized; the entrance to the Speak Easy was through the normal looking brick wall facade on the back wall. To add to the exclusivity of the Speak Easy, only select visitors were chosen to experience the second and third levels.


The Third Floor: Lounge and Dance Floor

Once allowed into the Speak Easy, the visitors were allowed to go up to the third floor, where there were lounge chairs, dance floor, bar, Live Music, and most importantly, an uncompromised view of the entire show floor!


Brass Knuckles Highlife Third Floor Dancefloor


You may be wondering why we went straight from the first floor to the third in this article… Well, there is a good reason, and it goes along the lines of saving the best for last.

The Second Floor: VIP Executive Lounge

Reserved for Brass Knuckles Executives, business partners, and Influencers, the second floor served as an air conditioned VIP club room for these special guests. Lined with a dimly lit, pipe and drape runner, and cannabis propaganda posters from the 1960’s; this room felt like an underground club even though it was on the second floor of a trade show building.


Second Floor Executive VIP Lounge Brass Knuckles


This ritzy club was exquisitely styled with large leather executive style chairs, a fully stocked bar, and plenty of TV’s for the viewing of that night’s Mayweather Vs. McGregor Boxing match.


Here at Acme, we build all sorts of things. Giant Speak Easy’s and Custom Trade Show Exhibits are just one of the many things we do. We believe the biggest challenges provide the biggest rewards for your brand! We are a 100% turn key brand experience provider and fabricator. Whether it be mobile pop up shopscustom retail displays., Large Props, Custom Trade Show Booths; We are your guys!


No idea too big or too crazy!


Experiential Marketers trust us to build out their ideas!


Stay tuned for future articles where we dive more in depth into the build process and design choices made for this experience!

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