We Can Build Anything

Trade Show Exhibits

ACME specializes in Custom Large Trade show Exhibits. We tackle some of the most challenging and complex Trade Show exhibits the industry has ever seen. Since, we are able to fabricate everything from furniture to custom walls, meaning that everything about your exhibit will stand out! Don’t settle for more of the same!



Scenic Décor

ACME also specializes in creating beautiful scenic décor elements. Whether you need beautiful drapes for an outside festival or a beautiful blue themed indoor special event, ACME has got you covered! To add, Scenic Decor was the service that Acme was built off of!



Themed Environments

Using our previous experience in special event design, ACME has created some of the most magical and breathtaking themed environments. We have collaborated with companies such as  Warner Brothers to entertainment giants such as Disney to make dreams and fantasies a reality.



Pop-Up Stores

Pop-Up Stores allow you to engage with your customers on a more direct level. ACME’s creative capability will bring your brand to life in ways your best creative agency has only dreamed of. We have constructed Pop-Up retail shops for Westfield Malls, Nintendo, and Samsung.


Mobile Tours

When it’s time to take your new marketing campaign on the road, it is important that your materials will last the journey! Our material experts have over 45 years of combined experience in material handling, purchasing, and application. If you are confused about the materials that you would be best for you, don’t be! ACME is here to help!



Vehicle Modifications

Need to hit the road in style? Fear no more, ACME is here to pimp your ride! We create custom designs and add-ons to your vehicle to bring even the most outlandish and crazy vehicle modifications to life!



Large Props

Props are something that you can’t simply buy on a store shelf. They have to be unique to your company or clients brand. Luckily, ACME creates large props for some of the biggest brands out there. We have built props for companies such as: Barbie, Nintendo, AXE, Red Bull, McDonald’s, Christian Louboutin, Starbucks, BMW, etc.


Museums, Hotels, Night Clubs, Casinos, Restaurants

ACME means it when we say “We Can Build Anything.” We can build Museums, Hotels, Night Clubs, Casinos, & Restaurants. Any space, that has a unique vision, theme, or ethereal feeling, we can bring to life.



3D Signage

ACME is proud to offer 3D signage to the list of our services. Previously, ACME built a 3D sign for Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game Awards. The sign stood 16ft. tall & 2ft. thick. In addition, 3D signage has been built for corporations such as American Express, Samsung, and RedBull.


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